We want to help you,

Help others,

Help themselves.

Zip Code 482o5:  One of the poorest zip codes in the United States of America.  Mission:  Enhance the Spiritual and Finanicial complection of 48205!

Measurable Goal


The squeaky wheel gets the oil.   We will not remain silent.  We will seek to bring Awareness  advocy To the issues  of poverty  which affect this 48205     community. 
Whose Problem is it any way?  Every one in America.  It's true:  We are only as strong as our weakest link.   Wake up America, we got work to do!

Get Freedom for your hair!

      B UY!

No More Perm: Just straight healthy managible Hair.

No more hair brakeage.  No more over processing.

No more dry, dull, brittle breaking lifeless limp hair.

Allows you to  grow longer hair  naturally.

       ...It aint over until its over.  Amazingly simple, but true. 

Don't give up, ever! Theres always Hope!!! 

     We are a collaboration of smart  and Godly N0n Profit and For Profit Organizations comitted to empower the community we serve.

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Skating 4 R Future Fund Raiser

Help for Drop outs 16 to 22

Michelle ' s  Fundraiser

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